2013 Student Poster Competition Winners


Poster presentations at RES'EAU's Impact 2013 showcased the research efforts of Canada's next generation of water researchers. The event was a joint conference held at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s 6th Annual BC First Nations Water and Wastewater Operational Excellence Conference iOctober 2-3, 2013. 

Pictured, left to right:

Irving Leblanc, Associate Director, Housing, Infrastructure & Emergency Issues Management, Assembly of First Nations and Vice Chair of the Board, RES’EAU WaterNET; Mehdi Bagheri (UBC), first place: Computer-Aided Investigation of Micro-Pollutants Removal from Drinking Water Using Continuous Flow VUV/UV Photoreactor; Clara Duca (UBC), third place (tie): Degradation of Micropollutants with Vacuum UV (VUV) Process; Anna Scheili (Laval), third place (tie): Sensitivity Analysis of CCME Water Quality Index for Representation of Drinking Water Quality in Small Systems; Nilufar Islam (UBC Okanagan), second place: Optimizing Booster Chlorination in Small Municipalities: A risk-cost trade-off analysis.