Annual Meeting Kicks Off RES’EAU Phase 2

The 2014 instalment of the RES’EAU-WaterNET Annual Meeting took place in Vancouver recently, marking the official launch of the network’s second phase.
More than 60 network members attended, along with 41 highly qualified personnel (HQP) who presented 31 research posters. RES’EAU investigators presented detailed overviews of research areas related to the network’s agenda, from governance perspectives on safe drinking water provision in small communities to developing of low-cost microsensors for water quality monitoring and more (see agenda, below).
Guest speakers included Nicholas Ashbolt of the University of Alberta, who highlighted the importance of proactive system management for dealing with microbial hazards, and Dionysios Dionysiou of the University of Cincinnati, who discussed using advanced oxidation processes in the treatment of emerging cyanotoxins and contaminants.  Special guest Nemy Bantia, scientific director and CEO of IC-IMPACTS (Canada's first international Network of Centers of Excellence with India) outlined his organization’s efforts toward building healthy communities in both nations and related collaborative opportunities for RESEAU
The second day of the meeting featured a professional development program for network HQP, entitled Building Healthier, More Sustainable Communities through Infrastructure Asset Management – A Boot Camp for Water Professionals. The program was led by Catherine Simpson of Urban Systems and Danny Higashitani of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada; both organizations are network partners.
RES’EAU principle investigators and scientific advisors  also met on day two to discuss research barriers, network strengths and new opportunities for the network. The dialogue also focused on RES’EAU’s broader network – including the research team, partners and practitioners –can jointly identify and solve problems efficiently while creating real impact for the communities who need it most. 
Pictured above: Poster competition award winners. Left to right: Irving Leblanc (Vice Chair of the Board, RES’EAU-WaterNET and Associate Director, AFN Housing, Infrastructure and Emergency Management, Safe, Secure and Sustainable Communities); Kaitlynn Livingston, UBC (first place); Stéphanie Guilherme, Université Laval (second place); Lisa Rodgers, University of Victoria (third place); Bill Cairns, Trojan Technologies  and Chairman of the Board for RES’EAU). 

Pictured below, top row left to right: Dr. Madjid Mohseni, RES'EAU-WaterNET Scientific Director; Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt, University of Alberta; Dr. Dionysios Dionysiou, University of Cincinnati; Dr. Nemy Bantia, Scientific Director and CEO, IC-IMPACTS.