RES'EAU Presents at 2014 First Nations Water Symposium

The RES’EAU-WaterNET team was pleased to host a workshop at the 2014 First Nations Water Symposium, entitled “Towards Sustainable Drinking Water Solutions for the Small Communities with Intermittent Road Access.” Dr. Edward McBean, Canada Research Chair in water supply security at the University of Guelph and RES’EAU investigator, outlined the network’s key objectives and highlighted our role as an NSERC Strategic Network in providing tailored drinking water solutions for small, rural and First Nations communities.  

As well, the discussion included a presentation on developing water safety plans for small and remote water supply systems, which focused on the challenges associated with remote locations in terms of attracting and retaining expertise in water treatment, accessing necessary chemical supplies and sending water quality samples for analysis within allowable holding times. 

The event was organized by the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Council, and was held March 4-5, 2014 in Niagara Falls, ON.