RESEAU PI and HQP Receive UBC Engineering Alumni Awards

Congratulations to RESEAU PI Dr. Edward McBean and HQP Sean McBeath on receiving 2016 Engineering Excellence Alumni Awards (Lifetime Acheivement Award and Future Alumnus Award, respectively), presented on April 14, 2016 at the UBC Faculty of Applied Science Centennial Celebration. 

Dr. McBean's research focus is on the potential failure modes of water systems and the assessment of vulnerability.  He also serves on our Impact Management Committee and as the leader of our Theme III research agenda (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance). 

Sean is currently completing his Master’s of Applied Science Degree (his supervisors are RESEAU Scientific Director Dr. Madjid Mohseni and network PI Dr. David Wilkinson) with a research focus on electrochemical water treatment technology for small and remote communities. 

Dr. McBean is pictured at right in the photo; Sean is thrid from the right in the back row.