Nickeyeah IR25 (Lytton) Project: Student Video Summary

As part of our community engagement activities for our project in Nickeyeah IR25 (Lytton), we worked with partners including Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council/ShchEma-mee.tkt Project, Stein Valley Nlakapamux School, Lytton Elementary School and Hannah C/Reel Youth Productions to engage Lytton’s youth to learn about their local water situation, the Nickeyeah IR 25 Project and the broader RES’EAU program. After holding an information session and a one-day workshop for youths to learn about their local water situation, youth were given a tour of the local watershed and treatment plant to learn about the challenges of water management and sustainability. They then summarized their experience and learning by creating short videos about water in their community. Click the screen shot below to view one of videos.